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Bed Bug Detection – Lexington, SC

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Now this call came in right around the Christmas holidays back in 2015. A guy called and said he had a tenant in Lexington, South Carolina that thought she had bed bugs. He was highly concerned and asked that I send my K-9 team out to inspect as soon as possible. It’s common that landlords use our service and we see a demand for immediate service request in those that have vacation rentals. Obviously they need to eradicate the problem as soon as possible in order that they may continue weekly vacation rentals and reduce monetary loss and cancellations.

K9 Bed Bug Inspection

This case was a bit odd as he stated it was his rental home, but tenant was a long term renter. In these situations, landlords often tend to feel the problem was created by the tenant and while they may request services they seldom wish to pay the higher rate for immediate service. Our office lady, Suzanna, dispatched the K-9 team for inspection of the home and because I was in Lexington, visiting family for the holidays, I decided to stop by and check in on the k-9 inspection results. The K-9 team informed me that Woody, our Bed bug k-9, had not alerted or shown any hesitation inside the home. It’s a team approach so our handlers always keep flashlights and tools to check when any K-9 hesitation is shown with or without an alert. The home was considered clear.

Bed Bug Inspection – Surprising Story

While discussing the concerns with the client (a distinguished and beautiful woman) the landlord showed up to find out if the home actually had bed bugs or not. The lady had explained that she had recently separated from her husband and that their daughter was going back and forth between their two homes. She had never found a bed bug, but her daughter had bumps and itching which had her worried. We explained that it could be possible that the father’s home had bed bugs and that he would need to inspect his beds and couches to rule out bed bugs. 

The landlord seemed very relieved and we all dispersed. After leaving I realized I left my flashlight so I turned around and went back to retrieve it.  When I knocked on the door the landlord came to the door and handed me my flashlight. The surprising part was that he wasn’t wearing a shirt and looked quite annoyed. I think I can guess why he showed such urgency in having his renter’s home inspected. Could it be that he was worried he’d taken them back to his own family? You see all kinds in this biz.

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  • We kill bed bugs using Heat Complimentor, Dusts, and Sprays
  • 90 Day Guarantee. Extended warranties available for frequent travelers and other high risk groups
  • 30 day follow-up to ensure bed bugs are gone (by K-9 Team)
  • 6 months same as cash financing available
  • 1 Day Treatment
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