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Atlanta, GA Rates #19 in US for
Bed Bugs Infestation

According to Orkin’s 2016 list of most infested bed bug cities, Atlanta has increased by 6 points to place at #19 while Chicago is listed as the most infested at #1. One of our first bed bug jobs we serviced in Georgia was in Atlanta.

A tough case of a tough bed bugs infestation

Bed BugIt was a case where a gentleman had moved back into a home owned by his ex-wife. It was a tough situation because the woman had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and needed his help with her care and with the care of their young daughter. He was shocked to find out that the home had become infested with bed bugs and hired our company to get rid of bed bugs. He did a pretty good job of decluttering the house and throwing out trash.

The proper treatment for bed bugs

The biggest problem was that many of the items he wanted to keep he had placed on the porch. He had placed bedside tables, dressers, TVs, lamps and other items in the outside carport. I said, “All these items on the carport are going to go to the dump, right?” He said, “No, I want to save all these things.” I almost had a fit and had to stop and explain to him that all these items needed to be left inside the home where they could receive the heat treatment and have all the bed bugs and eggs killed.

The term Bed Bugs doesn’t mean they only live on beds

He was surprised because he thought the bed bugs were only on the beds and couches, but didn’t think they would be on the TVs and dressers. I was so glad that I asked him about those items so we could bring them inside and heat treat them, otherwise, he would have pulled everything back inside and still had bed bugs.

Bed bugs don’t get into mattresses unless there is a hole

The term bed bugs really does cause people to feel that they are bugs that live on beds and some even believe that these bed bugs can get inside of the mattress. This is a fallacy; bed bugs have no ability to bore so unless you have a tear or rip in the mattress you will not find bed bugs living inside of them. Now, box springs are a different story as they only have the little felt covers stapled to the bottom and bed bugs will go inside these.

Why hire a professional bed bug exterminator?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget about this case of bed bugs in Atlanta because it made such an impact on me that the guy was willing to move back in with his ex-wife to care for her and his daughter during her illness and was willing to stay there when confronted with a large bedbug infestation. He was smart in contacting a professional service instead of fighting them himself. I guess he had his hands full with medical and child care issues so it really wasn’t an option for him. The majority of people will spend time and money trying to get rid of bed bugs before they give up and call a professional service. We were able to get rid of their bed bugs so I’m sure this made his life just a little bit easier during this stressful time.

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Pictures of Bed Bugs at different stages

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