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Do It Yourself Bed Bug Self Treatment

Doing your own pest control is possible and sometimes we are hired for consulting services for people who would like to get rid of their bed bugs problem without having to hire a pest control company. Other people call us for case law information, removal, bed bug detection, policies and eradication information. For $75.00 (USD), we will give you professional information on a wide variety of topics. We currently specialize in killing bed bugs. We attend the national conventions on bed bugs and work every day killing bed bugs in the Southeast USA. If you plan to get rid of your bed bugs yourself then the $75.00 (USD) is a nominal fee to pay for our expertise and knowledge in guiding you in this process.

Don’t waste time, energy and money learning the hard way, spend the $75.00 (USD) and get professional advice.



After you have paid the $75.00 (USD) fee, then we will provide you additional information on how to contact our consultants. To access the contact information, enter the code that we provide you in the box below, then click "Submit".


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Additional Information:

When hiring our company for a bed bug consult most people want to know:

  1. How did I get bed bugs or how do I find bed bugs in my home? We explain what to do if you have visited or stayed at a place that has bed bugs and want to be sure that you do not bring them home with you. You will learn how to go about finding bed bugs in your hotel, home or dwelling.
  2. We explain the life cycle of bed bugs, rates of reproduction and levels of infestation. Consults also include what to do and not to do if bed bugs are found inside your home. Covering step by step treatments to be sure that you use the best and most effective chemicals being used by professional on the market today. How to apply those chemicals in the proper manner so that they reach bed bug harborage areas. Use of appropriate safety equipment and safety concerns. Directions for reapplication of specific chemicals and why this matters.
  3. Consult covers topics like how to prevent bed bugs from reentering the home. It’s enough that you have had to live thru this annoying bug, but the idea that you could wake up to find that more bed bugs have come into your home, after spending time, energy and lost sleep is just too much for some people. That’s why we decided to include this topic in our presentation. Learn steps to take to ensure that you are not one of the people that thinks they have done what needs to be done to kill all the bed bugs only to find out 3 to 4 months down the road that they have “returned” or rather reemerged, having never all being killed, 100% the first time around. You must kill all bed bugs and allĀ  bed bug eggs or the population will begin to make a comeback and around the third month you will see signs that bed bugs are still in your bedroom or living areas.

Do You Want Help With Bed Bugs?

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  • We kill bed bugs using Heat Complimentor, Dusts, and Sprays
  • 90 Day Guarantee. Extended warranties available for frequent travelers and other high risk groups
  • 30 day follow-up to ensure bed bugs are gone (by K-9 Team)
  • 6 months same as cash financing available
  • 1 Day Treatment
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