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How Do I Get Bed Bugs?

You got bed bugs because either you or someone you know had a bed bug hitch hike a ride into your home via your clothes, personal belongings or furniture. I think of them as parasites and feel they are similar to lice. You do not need to be dirty or have a cluttered home to have bed bugs take up residence. Everyone racks their brain trying to figure out when and where the infestation started. If you have had a lot of people in and out of your home it can be harder to identify which friend may have brought them in or if you yourself did. There are numerous ways that you may have come into contact with the bug. Examples include: did I get bed bugs from flying, staying in a hotel or different bed, sitting in a movie theater, from an item purchased at a thrift store such as clothing or pictures, from the purchase of used furniture or bedding, from a moving van, does someone in my apartment building have bed bugs and now they are coming through the walls into my area, is there a new pet (bed bugs will bite other animals when humans are not available), have you been on a bus or purchased a used car, the list goes on and on, but you get the idea. Similar to lice you may have been exposed in any number of ways.

Even if only one bed bug hitched a ride you may still have cause for concern. What if it was pregnant and has just released an egg sack?

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To recap, there really is no sure fire way to prevent these little hitch hikers, unless you want to become a hermit. In all seriousness, I say you should continue to travel and have fun on your vacations. Just be mindful of what to watch out for and I would still check mattresses, sheets, any bite marks and suitcases- just don’t be fanatical about it. I mean seriously, you could have the most perfect vacation and then come into contact with bedbugs on the taxi ride back from the airport.

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*The key is to detect bed bugs early. Then getting rid of them is not such a daunting task.

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