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Are Bed Bug Dogs Worth Using?

Bed Bug University

Bed Bug University


Research done at the University of Florida Department of Entomology has shown that well trained bed bug scent detection canines are very accurate and some up to 98%. Dogs have around 250,000,000 sniff receptors while a human has around 35,000,000 and this is why a dog can sniff and find their scent when we may not smell anything.  After Paul studied bed bug detection dogs he stated that it was his opinion that dogs trained bed bug specific, or only dogs used for bed bug work, are superior to multi-pest type detection dogs.

Bed Bug Dogs

What breed of dog is best for detecting?

Some may feel blood hounds are superior, but there are many breeds that are suitable for scent detection. At the time of this writing Beagles and other small to medium dogs are very popular. While German Shephards are good at detecting they may be more intimidating to the general public and may also be more difficult to transport therefore may not be the best choice.

Is there a scent detection dog certification program?

Yes, there is. An association known as NESDCA certifies dogs and handlers as being tested and accurate. These dogs are not pets and require daily training which is why they can cost from $8,000 up to $15,000. Bed bug dog detection services can be hired to help you with a certain bedbug problem and you may find the cost to hire them for the situation at hand is more cost effective than buying your own dog and then paying a handler to train the dog each and every day. Check out for more information.  

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