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Bed Bug Detection & Remediation Services of South Carolina prefers to rid your home, business or hotel of bed bugs through the use of high Thermal Heat. In case you were wondering, Thermal Heat will also kill other pest such as roaches, termites, mold, mildew and will sterilize the rooms that are heated. If you are a germ freak you will love treating with high heat. If you have asthma or other sensitivities you may decide that heat is your best option. The use of high Thermal Heat is a new system that is capable of superheating rooms. The high heat is blown for several hours and thru the use of numerous remote sensors cracks and crevice temperatures are monitored to ensure all reach internal temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit and kept at this high temp for at least thirty minutes. Ambient air may reach 140- 160 during this process. Depending on the size of area to be treated -the setup, prep, heating, and take down can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hrs. and it is costly.

Other Non-Stand Alone Heating Methods are available, but require additional efforts to rid the environment of bed bugs and other pests. Steam cleaning is a good way to treat beds, carpets and furniture, but realize that each and every square inch must be covered and the steam must be placed in each area long enough that it kills the bed bugs. The steamer needs to have a large head so that the velocity of steam coming out is not so strong that it blows the bedbugs and eggs across the room- not killing them. It is extremely labor intensive and not practical as most technicians will miss small areas or not place steam long enough in each and every square inch. Another use of heat is by the clothes dryer and this works well for clothes, but obviously you can’t put everything in the area in the dryer as dryers are small. A Pack Tite is a portable bedbug heater and is good for heating packed suitcases, backpacks, etc. but again- it’s not a stand-alone treatment. There is also a Heat Chamber which is used to heat entire dressers, chairs, side tables, etc. but once furniture is placed into the unit the room must still be heated or chemically treated by an experienced technician.
Understand that our company uses environmentally friendly heat remediation and feel it is highly effective; however, it does not have a residual affect. This means that once the bedbugs have been destroyed it offers no protection for future infestations. If you feel that someone you know brought the bed bugs into your home you should be extremely cautious about allowing them to come over again as they may bring more bed bugs with them. If you must take items with you while the area is being treated these items but be treated prior to bringing them back so that you do not accidently bring bed bugs back into the area. We believe thermal heat is the quickest, safest, most effective way to treat a bedbug infestation.

Important! - If you find you have bedbugs, do not move to another bed and please don’t go to a hotel or friend’s home. Bed bugs are amazing hitchhikers and you do not want to bring them to anyone else. Bed bugs can travel fast on their legs, they can move up to 30 feet in only six minutes, and they detect the carbon dioxide you breathe out to find you. You can move wherever you want to in the house; they will find you and the infestation will only spread. If you are waiting on the pest control company and just don’t feel you can sleep another night in the bed- sleep in the back yard in a throw away tent. If you think you will need to sleep in the tent for a few days take a shower first and put on fresh hot clothes from the dryer. Don’t bring items from the home into the tent.


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  • We kill bed bugs using Heat Complimentor, Dusts, and Sprays
  • 90 Day Guarantee. Extended warranties available for frequent travelers and other high risk groups
  • 30 day follow-up to ensure bed bugs are gone (by K-9 Team)
  • 6 months same as cash financing available
  • 1 Day Treatment
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