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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug University

Bed Bug University

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

There is no secret or magic bullet to getting rid of these pests. If detected early on it is much easier to get rid of them. It is Paul Bello’s opinion that once someone notices that he or she has bedbugs, the problem can be so advanced that a lot of work is necessary in order to rid the property of bed bugs.  A bed bug monitoring program is an important part of any bed bug program.

It is not necessary to completely launder all bedding and clothing as you can simply run them through the hot clothes dryer to kill bed bugs and their eggs.  Once they have been heated store them in a clean sealed bag or other such container.

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Many people have asked, “Can I get rid of bed bugs myself?” The answer is that yes it is possible, but it takes a lot of work, knowledge, and time. Most folks are better off leaving this to a bed bug professional. If you simply cannot afford to hire a professional and you are committed to doing the hard work you will need to start by gaining advice from a professional and reading as much correct information as possible.

You may have heard that some bed bugs are resistant to certain chemicals. New research indicates that various degrees of resistance are being seen in bed bugs to a variety of chemicals. Overall, most bed bugs can be killed by certain chemical products labeled for bed bugs if used appropriately. Remember that you must get the chemicals to where the bed bugs are at- in their harborage areas.

Where Bed Bugs Hide

Bed bugs can hide in just about anything. They have been found in: beds, night stands, clock radios, lamps, shoes, wall hangings, speakers, stereo components, computers, desks, artificial floral arrangements, curtains, wall outlets, moldings, door frames, crutches, artificial limbs, pet bedding, toys, plush stuffed animals, clocks, potted plants, furniture, under carpet edges, fire alarms, telephones, and just about everywhere. Just because they are great at hiding doesn’t mean they will be “everywhere”. Often they will reside close to the food source which is any areas where you rest and sleep.

Bed Bugs and Heat

Heat can be used successfully to kill bed bugs and their eggs and may be a good option for items which cannot be easily laundered or treated by pesticides.  If heating something you should always use care not to damage item with extreme temperatures. Steam heat will kill 100% of bed bugs and their eggs, but must come in contact with them. Currently a professional steamer will run about six hundred and fifty dollars and up. Homeowner steamers used for wall paper removal are poor choices for bed bug control.

Vacuums can help to remove the bulk of the bugs found in a room, but will not solve the problem. You should be sure and seal off and discard the vacuum bag appropriately.

*Mr. Paul J. Bello, author of “The Bed Bug Combat Manual”. Mr. Bello is a certified entomologist and a former student of the renowned Dr. Austin M. Frishman of University of New York, Farmingdale campus, and is well known for his extensive work within integrated pest management.

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