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The INTEGRATED BED BUG MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (IBBMA) was formed in direct response to the National Pest Management Associations' recent publication of Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs. We are proud to be one of small number of independent third-party organizations providing handler/canine certifications for the pest control industry.

This comprehensive document mandates objective, fair and credible Certification Standards for all Canine Scent Detection Teams who are members of NPMA.


In its continuing effort to offer education and guidance as pest management professionals develop their response to the bed bug pandemic, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) today released its Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs, offering guidelines to help PMPs control bed bugs effectively, responsibly, and safely.

Created by the NPMA Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force, a broad-based stakeholder group whose goal is the development of an industry-wide, multi-faceted response to the bed bug pandemic, the Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs provide guidance in the areas of service agreements, recordkeeping, technician and sales staff training, client education, disposal of beds, furniture, possessions, bed bug detection, treatment methods, and health and safety concerns.

"Because there are multiple products, methods and technologies that may be employed as part of a successful bed bug treatment plan, it is important that pest management professionals are aware of the myriad factors that should be considered when determining which products or methods are the best option to control a given bed bug infestation," stated NPMA Executive Vice President Rob Lederer. "The NPMA Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs provide PMPs the tools they need to ensure they are treating this elusive pest effectively, responsibly, and safely.

In addition to providing these best management practices to industry professionals, NPMA will encourage consumers to seek use of the BMPs in working with PMPs. NPMA members can direct their customers to learn more about the new guidance document at Additionally, they will be posted on

To download the NPMA Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs, please visit, and click on "NPMA Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs."

The IBBMA grants two Accreditations:

  •  IBBMA Accreditation for Completion of Course in Integrated Bed Bug Management and NPMA Best Management Practices. Recipients shall have taken a full course covering all NPMA topics and pass oral or written examination covering same.

  •  IBBMA Canine/Handler Team Accreditation. Judges will at all times have no conflict of interest with Trainers or Handlers. They shall have exemplary law enforcement, search and rescue, department of agriculture, military or equivalent experience at or in excess of the NPMA guidelines. Canines shall be trained to alert only to live bed bugs and viable eggs. Tests shall have no more than 5 bed bugs or viable eggs per hide. IBBMA currently has far stricter certification tests than required by NPMA guidelines ensuring only the finest teams shall hold this accreditation.

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