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Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Click Here for a Printer-Friendly Preheat-Inspection Checklist

Heat Equipment and Certified Bed Bug Dog Scarlet: A Killer Combination

  • One Day Complete Kill for Eggs and Adult Bed Bugs

  • Leave at breakfast...return for dinner

  • Green - No chemicals or residues

  • Proof of Kill

  • Complimentary post-treatment canine inspection - Dog inspects 14 days after treatment to prove success

  • No 60 day "spray and pray" waiting period

  • 2nd/3rd prep and re-treat are not required

  • All of your belongings are kept, no need to throw away expensive furnishings

Whole Structure Heat is a Highly Specialized Application. It is Perfectly Safe
PROVIDED purpose designed equipment and trained technicians are Utilized

Pest Heat has over 15 years experience providing a 100% clean, safe alternative for your pest control concerns. The equipment has been specifically designed to handle high-heat environments.

Specifically, the heaters are thermostatically controlled to avoid overheating. All fans and other electronics are designed and tested to ensure safe use in high temperatures. The wireless probes transmit temperatures each minute of every treatment to provide electronic monitoring and record of the heat job.

Trained technicians ensure heat penetration occurs in all areas including mattresses, interior walls and furnishings.

The process is completed in one day allowing you to move back in that evening. With heat based treatments you can be sure to eliminate the infestation while protecting your family from harmful toxic odors and chemicals that may not effectively kill bed bugs.

Do You Want Help With Bed Bugs?

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  • We kill bed bugs using Heat Complimentor, Dusts, and Sprays
  • 90 Day Guarantee. Extended warranties available for frequent travelers and other high risk groups
  • 30 day follow-up to ensure bed bugs are gone (by K-9 Team)
  • 6 months same as cash financing available
  • 1 Day Treatment
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