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Greg Mills— on Bed Bug Exterminators

Bed Bug University—Pest World Conference

Bed Bug University

Bed Bug Exterminating

Greg Mills is the owner of AllPest since 1998, a pest control company with over 200 employees and based in Perth, West Australia. Greg spoke about three or four case studies as seen in Western Australia. They follow a Code of Practice “their Bible” and it helps them to justify why they charge what they charge within the pest industry. (Apparently they are pretty expensive, but eradicate bed bugs.) When they get a bed bug call they will first send out a supervisor to investigate and then write a management plan. The superintendent will choose which tech is best suited for each job.

In the case of a Magna (a socially disadvantaged individual who has no help from the government)- the superintendent tries to locate the source when possible. One example is when they went to a lady’s suburban house and found 10,000+ bedbugs within about five minutes. It was determined that problem began when a used sofa was brought into the home. The sofa came from a charity which helps the poor. The bedbugs took over within just a few months. Her bed and sofa were so infested that the bed bugs were first killed and then the items discarded as they were so stained and ruined. It took a heavy duty mixture of chemicals as well as high and long heat to clear the home. Thankfully, Greg’s company, AllPest agreed to do this home for free since the lady was so disadvantaged and unable to get rid of the bugs. AllPest said they generally don’t work for the government as the government uses the cheapest contractors and they are not the cheapest.

Treatment for Bed Bugs

In another case there was a 10 story hotel in Australia which had all one bedroom units consisting of bedroom, kitchenette, and some built in furniture. Allpest was told that there were several units with problems on level 10. They treated below and on either side of contaminated units. The company was successful with this, but were called back in April and found there were bedbugs in a different room below level 10. They knew they would be successful as they believed they had been successful before. Eight months later they were still having some problems with bedbugs. Luckily, Greg had collected some of the bedbugs and had taken those to an entomologist for species identification. It was revealed by the lab that they had two different types of bed bugs. Their treatments had worked on the common bed bugs, but not on the tropical bed bugs. They went back in and begin treating with chemicals and Diatomaceous Earth (organic dust) all over everything and kept it closed up for over a month- this combination finally worked.

Greg says they also spend a great deal of time in training their clients on what to look for and how to be proactive. He believes that Australia is only beginning to see the outbreak of bedbugs and that the general public is beginning to be educated.

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