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Bed Bug University


The following information is a compilation of observations we have made through our many years of finding and getting rid of bed bugs as well as outside sources and classes we have attended.

We would like to especially acknowledge Mr. Paul J. Bello, author of “The Bed Bug Combat Manual”. Mr. Bello is a certified entomologist and a former student of the renowned Dr. Austin M. Frishman of University of New York, Farmingdale campus, who is well known for his extensive work within integrated pest management. Paul Bello has proved very helpful in understanding the ins and outs of bed bugs. He also writes articles which are often seen in Pest Control Technology and Pest Management magazines to name a few.

We would also like to especially acknowledge Kandee Parker for her dedication to the industry and to our many clients. And to our very well trained and educated Bed Bug Dog Scarlet.

2015 Bed Bug Summit

Each year we attend Pest World to stay on top of cutting edge technology, research and learn from other professionals within our industry. This year’s conference for Pest World 2015 was held in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center. Bed Bug Sessions included speakers as follows: Stephane Perron, MD, Professor Gerhard Gries, Mark Sheperdigian, BCE, Mike Potter, Ph.D., Susan Jones, Ph.D., and Eric Benson, Ph.D.

Pest World conference’s offers participants a four-day conference to listen to peers, researchers, exhibitors, industry leaders, and suppliers within the pest industry. Pest World is the largest gathering of pest management professionals in the world and has around 3,000 people in attendance each year. We strongly believe in networking and educating our staff to learn the most current trends in bed bug treatments, research and k-9 scent detection. Like roaches, bed bugs can become resistant to chemical treatments and therefore it is important to stay on top of any changes that are occurring.

Dr. Stephane Perron, M.D. Speaks on "Bed Bug Bites and Health Issues"

Dr. Gerhard Gries, Ph.D., “Uncovering the Secrets of Bedbug Pheromones
and Communication”

Dr.Susan Jones, PhD. Ohio State, Columbus, Ohio

2014 Bed Bug Summit

We recently attended the 2014 Bed Bug Summit held in Denver, Colorado. This conference was very interesting and educational and I want to share some of the research, ideas and practices that are currently trending within the bed bug pest industry at this time.

Billy Tesh, Pest Management Systems, Inc., spoke about “Bed Bug and their Challenges”

Overcoming Challenges in the Field:  Case Studies from the Front Lines by: Eric Braun BCE, Rentokil North America, and bed bug technical service manager. 

Bed Bug University Special Report:

Pest World Conference—Boston Massachusetts:

National Pest Management Association International

I was fortunate enough to attend a recent Pest World Conference in Boston. To keep ahead of the bed bug outbreak curve I try to attend such events whenever possible and would like to share some of the things that were presented at the conference. These presenters are people that are working in the bed bug industry either through institutions of higher learning, research, or field experience and have been carefully selected as experts to speak for this conference.   

Dr. Vernard Lewis, University of California- Berkeley - speaking on Bed Bug Infestation Increase

Dr. Robert Pereira, University of Florida - information on Bed Bug Eating and Reproduction, Disease & Blood Loss

Gail Getty - report on Bed Bugs Lawsuits and Pest Management Professionals

Larry Pinto - report on Pest Management Professionals

Simon Forrester, CEO of British Pest Control Assoc.- on Bed Bug Treatment

Greg Mills, owner of AllPest since 1998 - on Bed Bug Exterminators


Bed Bugs 101:

Bed Bugs 201:

Bed Bugs Special Courses:

Research Studies:

Doctorate Studies:

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