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Another Bed Bug Story—
Albany, Georgia

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Albany, Georgia is in Southwest Georgia and about an hour and a half south of Columbus, Georgia. A lady called saying that several months ago she had helped to move her son into a local Albany college dorm. While getting him set up in his dorm she had stayed at a nearby Albany hotel. She was appalled that such a nice hotel would have bed bugs, but she said that the manager had been very nice and had moved her to another room as well as giving her a full refund for her trouble.

Bed Bug Bites

The lady said that she felt sure she didn’t bring any bed bugs home, but she was starting to wonder if her son had bed bugs. He had texted her several pictures of bites on his leg which he said were very itchy. I explained that the bumps shouldn’t be called bites, because they could be an allergic reaction to something, but that the areas where the bumps are located is more of an indication. Also, the number of bumps should increase every two to three weeks as more bed bugs hatch. It’s also important to remember that about 50% of the population that is bitten by bed bugs will not even show a bite or itch. Bed bug bites are often along the sides of the body (can be on inner areas), but are going to be in places that skin isn’t covered by clothes. If someone wears underwear they won’t have bites on their buttocks, just as they don’t bite under tight fitting bras or socks.

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Bed Bugs on Mattress

I told her to have her son check his mattress seams, headboard, footboard and side tables to see if he could find a bug. The next day she called me back and said he had found a bed bug she was sure on his mattress. The kid texted me a picture of the bug and it was definitely a bed bug.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Next came the question that I so often get asked, “He hasn’t traveled or bought any used furniture so how did he get them?  Mom thought maybe she had brought them over from the Albany hotel which is definitely a possibility. The kid also had a roommate so it’s possible they were brought in by the other guy. It’s even possible that the bed bugs were in the room prior to them moving into it. If the guys had any overnight guest or have been hanging out on a common room couch the bed bugs could have hitch hiked in on clothing. The list of possibilities is almost endless.

Avoid another Bed Bug Infestation

I do think it’s important to try and locate the source so that they are not reintroduced, but more importantly they need to treat before they accidently spread bed bugs around the dorm and the Albany community. The lady would have hired us to treat her son’s room, but because it isn’t her property, the college was notified and they were very eager to remedy the situation for him. Obviously, it is really their problem too as they wouldn’t want it spreading to other units. We work for several colleges to heat treat and clear up infestations as well as offering monthly preventative services to help detect early bed bug introductions thru our Bed Bug Free 365 Program.

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